The IAAS is governed by a committee elected by its members.

The committee for the period 2019-2023 is:

Giles Gasper – President

Ian Logan – Secretary

Christian Brouwer - Committee Member

Montague Brown - Committee Member, Institute for Saint Anselm Studies representative

Bernd Goebel – Committee Member

Margaret Healy-Varley – Committee Member

Sally Vaughn – Committee Member

David Whidden – Committee Member



The IAAS was formally constituted at the 2015 International Anselm Conference held at Boston College, Boston, USA, as the successor organisation to the International Anselm Committee, which had successfully organised regular conferences and meetings beginning in 1959 at Bec and up until the early 2000s.


Following the success of the 2009 International Anselm Conference held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, two of the organisers (Giles Gasper and Ian Logan) began the process of establishing a successor organisation to the International Anselm Committee with the support of other attendees. Small events at Oxford, Durham, and Providence College, Rhode Island, took place in the following years, with the first major conference under the auspices of the IAAS being held at Boston in 2015 under the leadership of Eileen Sweeney.


The inaugural general meeting of the IAAS took place at the 2015 Boston Conference, at which the President, Secretary and Committee Members were chosen. At the subsequent General Meeting in Durham 2019 a new Committee was appointed.